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Help someone go from average to exceptional with the 


with resources and results you won't find anywhere else:

  • "I got the job!" - Cyndi
  • "Absolutely worth every dollar!" - Jennifer
  • "You helped me overcome imposter syndrome!" - Kate
  • "Interviews were my kryptonite, not anymore!" - Erin

This course will teach you how to:

  • Manage your nerves before and during the interview process
  • Research and prepare efficiently and effectively
  • Create a dynamic pitch, putting your best self on display
  • Handle any interview question, especially the most common questions designed to trip you up
  • Navigate salary negotiations with ease
  • Leverage your references to bolster your candidacy
  • Follow up effectively after the interview
  • And more!

Included in your purchase:

  • A complete roadmap for preparing from now until interview day
  • Over two hours of video tutorials from the experts
  • 40+ worksheets to help you prepare for every aspect of your interview
  • The "Five Dirty Little Secrets" of the interview process you won't learn anywhere else
  • The top 10 questions interviewers ask and exactly how to answer them
  • The top questions you should ask the interviewer
  • A random question generator to help you practice
  • And much, much more!

This purchase gives you access for six months (180 days).


What people are saying about Owning the Interview:

I Got The Job!

"I wanted to send you a note and thank you both for putting this course together. The timing was impeccable as I had one of the biggest interviews of my little life this week. Your program really helped me solidify and articulate why I want this job and why I’m the best candidate. I found the exercises to be incredibly useful and I was able to frame what I needed to say about myself and highlight certain attributes that make me the best candidate for this particular role. I will definitely recommend this course to my friends and colleagues.

Also, I should let you know that I received an offer of employment over the weekend. I cannot thank you enough for helping me with the preparation that left me feeling confident going into my interview!"

- Cyndi S.

You Helped Me Overcome Imposter Syndrome

"Owning the Interview gave me the confidence to excel in my interview and I absolutely smashed it! Truthfully, at first I wasn't sure if I was even qualified for the role. The company reached out to me on LinkedIn about a position I probably would never have applied for on my own. But after taking the course, following the frameworks, using the worksheets and practicing with the guides, I realized that not only did I have the skills and experience they were looking for, but that I could add real value to their team. So I not only totally owned the interview, but I gained incredible confidence in what I bring to the table as the member of any team!"

- Kate D.

Absolutely Worth Every Dollar!

"The course was super helpful and great value for the price, absolutely worth every dollar. The structure and pace are excellent. You cover all the main aspects of the interview in great depth. Each section is the right length, with enough information, but not so much that you feel like you're being overloaded. I also loved how it is both strategic and practical, so you can understand the "why," but also know specifically "what" you should do.

My interview followed the format you outlined and they even asked some of the exact questions you prepared me for, so I was able to answer everything with confidence and provide solid, meaningful answers.

I'm trying to level up into more of leadership role in my next position and I felt very prepared for the interviews thanks to this course! I'm recommending this to my friends and colleagues! Thank you!"

- Jennifer R.

Interviews Were My Kryptonite, Not Any More!

"I’ve always felt comfortable in my career meeting new people and building instant rapport, but interviews were never my strength. But after taking the course I felt so prepared, comfortable and calm entering the interview! I credit the success of my interview to this course! I’ve already told my friends and family how wonderful it is and encouraged them to take it as well!!! Thank you!"

- Erin G.